Dropbox All Set to Go to the Next Level of Cloud Computing with Project Infinite

Dropbox revealed its latest innovation this week with Project Infinite, which will allow you to access shared content directly on the cloud using inbuilt software from Microsoft.

Announced in DropBox’s first UK conference, the file sharing service is positioning this as an essential business tool for MNCs.

We all know DropBox of course. It’s integrated into most of our phones with free cloud space for those who like to remotely access their files. While previously we needed to download and update the files to make any changes to them, the new Project infinite version is expected to solve the problem by allowing us to open it in the browser itself.

According to Dennis Woodside, COO of Dropbox, the company has over half a billion customers worldwide, with more than 40% of them coming from Europe. Over 50% of companies have a DropBox business deployment, including major players like Hyatt, Expedia and News Corp. In the UK, a third of FTSE 100 has DropBox for business.

Commenting on Project Infinite, the company said – “With Project Infinite, users are able to seamlessly and securely access all their company files in DropBox from the desktop, regardless of the size of their hard drives.

So, PCs that don’t have much internal storage no longer have to be in the process of perpetual deletion and creation of files, making it much easier for employees and business professionals to access data from the server and find the right material quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

The innovation seems to have brought the world much closer than before, with the ease of access of Project Infinite. Larger companies now have the option of clearing their channels of communication and making data more secure and accessible to the people working on it.

The main motive of Project Infinite seems to be the replacement of local PC-based document processing. Certainly, corporations will no longer use Microsoft Office applications as much as they did before with Project Infinite available to save both recurring costs of licenses and protect the outflow of confidential company data as well.

As the world progresses, the need for acceleration of business processes and the streamlining of communication grows exponentially. Dropbox seems to have cornered the market for now with Project Infinite, since the only other service that it seems to compete with is Google Drive and its subsidiaries Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.

Without a doubt, Project Infinite seems to be the forerunner in the industry for Cloud Computing, the giant in the garden. It looks like there may yet be time for businesses to fully integrate it and its processes. How fast and how much the industry and commerce will improve – this remains to be seen; however, undeniably this is an eventuality.


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