Will Facebook’s Algorithm Change Impact the Publishers?

The social media giant recently released its latest algorithm change, or rather just started making a mention about it.

There are 2 possibilities when it comes to the social media giant and the media world. The first possibility is that Facebook will continue to tweak all the ranking algorithms, which determine what displays in the news feed and the other possibility is that those changes or tweaks will continue to have a great impact on how people see the content, which the media companies produce.

One of the research scientists from the company stated in a blog post that the company will now determine how long people spend time looking at an article in the FB mobile browser after they have clicked through from the News Feed. This update to ranking will consider how often people click on article and spend time reading it.

The post also explains that the change came in as a result of testing, which the company did with a team of human reviewers during the FQP (Feed Quality Program), those who rate their experiences on the site. The social network realized that the actions that people take on Facebook do not always convey the whole story on what is most meaningful to the people.

This looks like a part of Facebook’s current attack on clickbait, the form of social media content, which uses a tricky headline to try and make users click. The algorithm change that was made previously by Facebook during the year 2014 check the number of times the users clicked on a headline and  then came back to their feed even without reading, and then down-ranked these kinds of stories.

The Slate columnist Will Oremus states that the social network giant’s new algorithm will help  the media companies, which produce content that sustains a reader’s interest and thereby rewards serious journalism. Will this really happen or not? Only time will tell.

The publishers and the media companies feel their way around in the dark; they are trying to foresee what exactly Facebook wants. At the moment, it is the live video, as that is what the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is pretty obsessed with. Six to eight months from now, it can be something pretty different, and the media companies will have to shift their focus yet again. That is what happens when you have that relationship like that of a landlord and a tenant.

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