Gboard- Google’s New Keyboard Is Now Available for iPhones and iPads in the UK

The tech giant Google has now brought Gboard to iPhones and iPads in the UK. It had made its debut in the App Store a couple of months ago in the United States. The brand new Gboard activates Google Search on the iPhone keyboard. You will have to tap on the ‘G’ icon in the left hand corner and you will be able to search Google without closing your keyboard and you can launch the browser or the Google app.

A source from Google stated that if you are using a messaging app and chatting with your friend about lunch plans, you can leave the messaging app and then move to another app to look out for a restaurant and then copy the information back into your conversation. The spokesperson also went on to add that people’s life will become better with Gboard. People will be able to look out for things like restaurants, images, music videos, flight numbers and pretty much anything. That’s how easy life will get.


After searching for something like a restaurant, you will then be able to paste information like address, phone number or any URL directly into your messenger. Gboard will also support emoji and this will make it even easier for finding the one you are after instead of just scrolling through a lot of pages for finding that one emoji.

You can simply search with the name of the emoji to get it directly into your phone. This will also feature a separate GIF search function. This will certainly make the life of the people much easier, with technological developments reaching new heights. Google has been coming with something new and creative always and in the coming years, the way people use the smart phones will be completely re-defined. Gboard is one classic example of what a company like Google can do in the field of technology.

The tech giant’s new Gboard will also come with a new feature called Glide Typing, which will let you type by dragging your finger from letter to letter in a way you use the swype and swiftkey. It is now available for download on the app store and it is compatible with iPhones and iPads that run on iOS9. The funny part is this is not yet available for its very own Android operating systems.

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