How to Make SEO Friendly Face book Pages

seo friendly facebook pages

We all know Face book is one of top social media across the world. It is now becoming the standard and for consumers it is the ultimate destination. According to the marketing research more than 50 % of the consumers prefer face book page more useful than the original website.

Many of them are well connected to the face book brands and the brands would listen to the social networking site like face book. Totally 82% of the people say face book is the best place to advertise the brands.

For any client the most important is to keep in mind is the Strategies of SEO while opening a Face book account either for yourself or for the client. As per the Google they do not look for shares in the Face book but this made lead to a separate rank and create huge traffic.

The interaction of brands through Facebook is growing very fast and the companies has to put more efforts to  popularize their Face book pages to get high score in the Google search engine, since consumers look for brands which are heard often.

seo friendly facebook pages

Below are some the tips to make Face book pages a SEO friendly

An attractive Name in the face book

You should choose a name for your business which should attractive and different. It should not be a name by which people may ignore and also a name which should not be very common. The name should describe your company and should be very easy to remember. There are many instances where names from the face book gets black listed. When once a face book account is created in a particular name do not try to change it. When once the business is established in some name then you should continue the name and brand the same. Changing the name is not advisable from the SEO point of view.

URL of Face book is very important

The name that appears in the face book will add a huge value to your business. A name in the face book URL is much better than a number in the face book URL. Example www. design is better than When the URL contains a name which indicates your business then it becomes easy to search. The face book always requires fans and if your URL contains name of your business then it will be easier for the fans to pick the username.

Face book Account should contain Images

You should not forget that face book is a social media where visual becomes very important. You can change the titles in the face book but the descriptions will stay in the minds of the consumers. Minimize using keywords. You should always see and read the description by the computer’s as well as customer’s point of view. A description with images is far better than saying it in only words.


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