All the Latest News Surrounding the Latest Apple Watch 2

Apple’s latest devices like iPads and iPhones are now all over the world and vastly used by the people. However, the company had introduced a completely new product last year and it was Apple Watch. This product was first sold last year in the month of April after an official announcement that was made by the company CEO in September 2014.

Currently, the internet is flooded with rumours that the latest version of Apple Watch would be launched at the WWDC event this year. As expected, the tech giant has remained silent on this matter; however, popular tech sites are very excited about the next gen smart watches.


The sources close to Apple have revealed that the tech giant will reveal the new version of Apple Watch in March 2016. Apple had begun to develop technologies that are destined for future Apple Watch models much before the first generation was even shipped. The company generally launches its new versions of iPhones in the second half of the year; therefore, some experts feel that an early launch could possibly balance it out nicely.

Apple is meanwhile conducting an annual Worldwide Developers Conference in the month of June, which can provide a lot of updates regarding the new software that is running on the latest Apple Watch. Currently, there are no evidences to prove that Apple is imitating its rivals Samsung or LG as the Apple Watch version 2 has a circular face. One of the sources close to the tech giant stated that the new Apple watch will have the same screen size like the previous version; however, one aspect that is seriously looked into is the improvement of battery life.

There have been some rumours making rounds that the screen thickness will be reduced to make room for a bigger and better battery. Talking about iPhones, Apple generally has some specific price points; it downgrades the older versions as and when the new models are launched. If this is the same strategy followed, then the new Apple Watch could be priced at 299 pounds and the bigger model (42mm) will be priced at 339 pounds. It is very clear that just like all the other Apple products, the latest version of Apple watch is not going to be any cheaper for the customers.

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