Lies That Many SEO Companies Tell To Woo Customers

seo companies

There are numerous companies on the internet, who will try to attract customers and draw the attention of customers and for this they may pitch you or mail you to get the attention of customers to their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These companies try to trick customers in many ways to ensure that their website is ranked higher in the entire search engine.

These companies do not hesitate to tell half truth and tell absolute lies to market their websites. They try to astonish people to become the top SEO companies and make money.

Since there are no rules or barriers in the field of SEO or internet market these companies take advantage of this. Any company can be an expert in this business.

seo companies

Below are some of the frequent lies which an unethical SEO company may tell their customers to gain their market position and to make money.

  1. Companies may tell you lies, saying that they are part and parcel of Google or company authorized with Google or special link with Google. They know that if someone is calling you from Google they will not call you for offering any SEO business but instead call you to know your Google places or account. There is possibility that if anybody is calling you from Google than they would have undergone training which will be endorsed from Google.
  2. There are some SEO companies who give you guarantee of number 1 position in the Google. This is not at all a possible statement and then such SEO companies are definitely suspicious. If you have a strong keyword then your website will automatically become popular and this does not mean that your website will be ranked number 1 position. You can only attract more customers and can claim for having a site which is very relevant. But being in the first position cannot be in the list since Google is no longer ranking any websites in such manner.
  3. For a SEO incoming links place a major and important to achieve success. If your SEO companies promises you to improve your rank then think that they are only doing half of your job. Your website will be famous and popular only by the keywords you build which will help customers to search faster and easily. There are many things which a Google will look at other than the links which may include the location and time required for downloading. These are the most important things and do not try to forget this.


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