Microsoft Determined to Make Surface Pro 4 a Big Hit, Might Not Launch Surface Pro 5 This Year

The slash in the prices of Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 led to strong rumours that Microsoft is going to launch Surface Pro 5 by October this year. There was a huge cut of $200 on Surface Pro 3 and a discount of $150 for Surface Pro4. Price cuts are mostly an indicator of new releases and hence the rumours got strong.


However, Surface Pro 5 release does not look imminent this year for several reasons and these steep price cuts can only be seen as efforts of the company to make Surface Pro 4 a bigger hit.

Surface Pro 4 has been launched for six months now. The Redmond technology firm has enjoyed enormous success with its powerful, convertible tablet and stylus pen. Owing to a swathe of catastrophic software glitches and bugs, the latest generation could not garner the desired success. In order to rectify the mistakes, Microsoft released a vast update for Surface Pro 4 and also slashed the prices to get the desired results.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been supposed to come with a new and improved processor by Intel. The pixel-packed display powered by the next generation mainframe is codenamed Kaby Lake. This is expected to be much more than the current surface Pro 4 that already packs a pin-sharp 2736 x 1824 resolution, which comes out to be around 267 pixels-per-inch. The mindboggling 14 nanometer chip has no scene of entering into volume production until 2016, which makes the launch of Surface Pro 5 in this year very difficult.

There is also another set of swirling rumours, which tells that Microsoft is waiting for the latest operating system software and wants to match the release date of Surface Pro 5 with its new OS. If these rumours have any truth in them, then Microsoft is trying to follow the same strategy that Google is employing for the next unveiling of Nexus. Google is also trying to match the unveiling of Nexus with its new Android operating system launch.

There are strong expectations from Surface Pro5, which is expected to come with USB 3.1 support, USB Type-C ports from Lumia smartphones and a Surface Pen stylus accessory, which may have a rechargeable battery.

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