Virtual Reality That Was Once the Dream of Science Fiction Is Actually Going to Be a Reality Soon

After acquiring Oculus VR for $2 billion in 2014, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was pretty excited. The reason was simple; he found the technology as an “incredibly powerful” platform that can connect the world in ways previously impossible. This technology is said to be a completely different experience.

Zuckerberg is betting heavily on virtual reality for his company’s future. For the past few years, everyone is focused on building mobile apps but Mark feels that Facebook is in the position to focus on the next set of platforms that will enable the people more useful, entertaining and personal experiences.

Moving a step ahead in this direction, Facebook has hired a team of experts in London to create the first European base for its Oculus virtual reality division. After acquiring Oculus, the social network giant has substantially expanded its British team of engineers and developer relations staff.

Facebook also bought a British virtual reality start-up, Surreal Vision, and moved its team to the Oculus office in Redmond, Washington. Surreal Vision is one of the top computer vision teams in the world focused on real-time 3D scene reconstruction. All three founders of Surreal Vision, Richard Newcombe, Renato Salas-Moreno, and Steven Lovegrove were happy to be a part of the larger picture.

The Oculus team in Britain is led by Mike LeBeau. He moved to London to join Oculus leaving Google where he was a senior engineer, who founded the company’s voice search software. In his Facebook post, LeBeau quoted, “We’re going to build some really cool stuff.”

Zuckerberg who himself, strongly believes that virtual reality will be the next major technology we use to interact with each other said, “VR (virtual reality) is going to be most social platform (and) we’ve created new teams at Facebook to build the next generation of social apps and VR.”

The probability that Virtual reality is going to be the next in technology is evident from the fact that Google and Sony are also making huge efforts to bring virtual reality into the mainstream. Even Apple, which is known to bring in new innovations, is also believed to be exploring the technology.

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